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The Sand Dolls

Each doll artist Sand creates is a depiction of every woman she has met in her lifetime. Dolls with oxymorons,love turmoils and endless dreams. Meet the Sand Dolls:

sand oner street art los angeles, stacks



Status: Married to the weed game


Birthday: April 20 1999


Horoscope Sign: Taurus


Her name is Lil’ Stony Redwood. Born in Garberville California, named after her grandfather, OG Stony. Her parents were hippies living somewhere in the emerald triangle. She grew up around mountains and stinky plants. 


Her best childhood memories were when parents would wake her up at night to play hide and seek around the redwood trees. These late night games were fueled by their occasional acid trips before the needle addiction took over.


Lil’ Stony’s sadness from losing her parents started her depression and her personal belief to never smoke the plants she loved. She would rub CBD oils all over her hands when they would hurt just like her mother, the painter, would do when her wrists would hurt from painting. But she wouldn’t smoke, you never get high off your own supply. 


She loved the family tradition of planting seeds, and growing weed with her trippy grandpa gave her life and allowed her to do whatever she wanted. At seventeen, she was exploring Los Angeles with her own car, without a license. By nineteen she drove to Colorado with her momma plants to start a new life. She was a rolling stone. Shy and quiet, only her plants understood her.


Her senses always on point, she eyeballs an ounce within a gram of accuracy. She uses her sense of smell to grow the smoothest strains. Even without smoking, she knew her weed was dank. 


Weed gave her everything – except her parents back. 


One day, gun in hand, turkey bags all around her, she laid there and asked why she worked so hard and tried to think about the meaning of her lonely life. Her suicidal thoughts and depression were taking over. She had two choices, end it or hit a joint and chill the fuck out.


She rolled a fat blunt like her uncle Blue Panda showed her, sparked it, and inhaled for the first time. 


Stony laid quietly on the floor for hours. Her third eye flipped open and while her body floated, her life flashed her by. The smoke took over and she opened every turkey bag of every strain she had around her. She rolled blunt after blunt.


High as fuck, she thought about everything she had created – money, warehouses, grows, her doggies, and her loneliness. A new realization of her stoner world had opened up to her – she was a weed baby. She now understood her true calling – to show the world that plants heal everything, you don't need genetically made addictive pills to cure your body. 


It's the time of the season......where we can all get high.


sand oner street art los angeles, captain bermuda

Captain Bermuda

Status: Married to her boat


Age: 26


Horoscope Sign: Scorpio


Captain Bermuda is a British blonde babe with blue eyes. An explorer with a wild heart and ageless beauty, she loves the food of the seas – shrimp, oysters and caviar.  She also likes the treasures of the land – coconut cream, red wine and chocolate cake!


She met Vampy’s boyfriend once – or maybe it was a few times.  They met while they were sailing the seas, but he was just another sea fling.


She travels the oceans hoping to find a land of love and treasures. Though she hates water and never learned how to swim, she hopes to become an expert in swimming in the distant future. Until then, she will sink in to her boat like a true captain at heart.  



sand oner street art los angeles
Smooth Hustler

Status: Still Deciding


Age: 19


Horoscope Sign: Aries


Born in Vanadzor, Armenia, raised in Glendale, California, Smooth loves hummus and strawberry smoothies. She drives European cars, drinks the most expensive wines, eats the finest food, and only wears the best designers.  She only wants money, not love – not yet.


Smooth has always been a very smart young lady.  She has immense passion for computers and technology.  But her secret loves are credit cards, bank accounts, PIN numbers, and vaults filled with money.


She’s too smart for her own good.  She always wears her oversized glasses, a perfect disguise to look innocent when she hacks major bank accounts, ATMs, and computer programs.


She is currently talking with a crazy teddy bear called Green Bear, he claims to be an urban farmer but she is so focused on her computer hacking, she isn’t even sure if she wants more than a fling. 

sand oner street art los angeles


Status: It’s Complicated


Age: Unknown


Horoscope Sign: Leo


With her pink hair and glossy hazel eyes, Vampy lives in Hollywood, California.  She is Japanese and Italian and loves warm Saki with pizza smothered in tomato sauce and topped with raw, bloody meat. 


She never experienced love and travels the world with her heart in her hand as her only companion. Her heart reminds her she isn’t totally heartless.  She travels to save exotic birds from being taken captive, just like she almost was. 


She was engaged in the 1920’s to the captain of the famous Titanic. But he went down with his ship in icy waters. While this tragedy shook the world, Vampy was in her hometown of Volterra, Italy.  Every pretty girl was being taken and returning as vampires – which is how she became who she is now. Every few decades she meets a new captain, but it always gets complicated. 


She loves taking selfies, shopping and watching the movie version of Titanic to remind her of her captain and why she dislikes boats. She always wears fantastic feathers to connect her to her birds. 

sand oner street art los angeles, wolfy



Status: Not Sure


Age: 16


Horoscope Sign: Sagittarius


Originally from Paris, France, Wolfy now resides in Malibu, California. She has endless gardens full of fruits and vegetables that she grows and enjoys all year round. Her dream is to create interactive community gardens all across the world.


But on the full moon, she becomes a strange wolf creature and disappears to roam the streets of Los Angeles as a ferocious man-eater, hunting for predators. Those nights, the fruits and vegetables she usually devours are replaced by all types of bad men; women beaters, cheaters, and thugs.


Thankfully, she always wakes up in the middle of Grand Park’s watery fountain after those crazy nights.  She is grateful for her pre-paid Uber account to bring her back home to her gardens. 


haitian,sand oner street art los angeles,  lamni, haitian girl, little haiti, miami, floride, haitian woman,karen civil,


Status: Daddy Issues


Age: 22


Horoscope Sign: Capricorn


Raised in the heat of Miami, Florida, in the heart of Little Haiti, Cakes grew up with her Haitian mother.  The two bonded with love and strength.  She learned to be an independent woman with values, self-respect, ethics, and high expectations.  She can do anything she sets her mind to because she sees herself as a Queen with an invisible golden crown.


She has deadly curves, a sweet look and a sharp mind.  She loves Remi hair and pedicures.  She hates diets.  She loves to eat pineapples, mangos, oranges, grapefruits, lobsters, lambi and grillot.


She is too strong and confident to settle for anything but the best, maybe because she never had a daddy.  She never knew what wonders the genuine loving hug of a father brings to a young girl’s life.  She was always too aware of the real world. 


Guys have never been her cup of tea. She mentally breaks them down into pieces. Weak men are her pet peeve, but strong, tall, emotionless gentlemen are her weakness. 


Nowadays she travels the world from penthouse to penthouse selling the perfect homes to people around the world.  She recently has been accompanied by a little Blue Panda she found laying lonely on a side walk in the streets of Downtown LA. 

sand oner street art los angeles, easter, bunny, playboy, red hair, balloon, sand one,

Bunny Perez

Status: In love with an Object


Age: She claims 24


Horoscope Sign: Cancer


A little bit of Irish with a hint of German, her maiden name was Bunny White but now, she’s Bunny Perez.  Thing is, she has never been attracted to anything other than Latin Boys.  All her lovers have all been Spanish-speaking men but after so many breakups, she decided to change her dating preferences.  How she doesn’t date Bad Boys, only Balloon Men.  


Balloon Men come imported from China by the thousands in brown boxes.  These men don’t speak, argue or linger around after a break up. She can simply let go of the string that is attached to the Balloon Man and he will float away permanently. They come in a variety of colors and she can always buy a new one.


Maybe one day, Bunny will go back to her ex-husband Blanco Perez, he was a sexy thug from the streets of Brooklyn, New York. She hopes that one day he will change and stop chasing his thug dreams and realize that his life with Bunny is more important than his mid-life crisis. Then she can stop buying her Balloon Men. 


But for now, Bunny is focused on making sure her hair stays bright red, her make-up career stays booming, and her heart stays cold.  She loves to condition her soft white bunny ears with coconut oil and watch her bank account, and her grass, stay green. 

bahni, indian, deadth sea, allah, sand oner street art los angeles


Status: Married to the Ocean


Age: Unknown


Horoscope Sign: Aquarius


The story of Bahni is an old myth from the Indian Ocean. The storytellers say she has a seductive belly dance to lure men deep into the depths of her dark waters.  Her long black hair and glowing green eyes are death and danger to any man that gazes upon her. Men won’t be able to resist swimming with her into the depths of her evil trap, doomed for all eternity. 


Bahni considers men to be heartless and horrible creatures of dry land.  She was determined to capture their souls to lock them away inside her lonely dark heart. But then, she found her beloved thief Aamir.


One cold night, when the full moon shone brightly, Bahni surfaced from the depths to find a mysterious dark skinned man on shore contemplating her ocean as if he longer for something he could not find on his dry land. He had poisonous snakes in a basket and a golden flute.  He was a Snake Charmer, a liar, and a beautiful thief. Using his snakes as a distraction to steal from the pockets of curious bazaar onlookers. 


Bahni was instantly in love, he was a lonely thief just like her.  She wanted him all to herself. She summoned the ocean gods to turn Aamir into a sea snake so he would love her.  Their love was instant.  Aamir loved her blindly without questioning her about why she had turned him into a snake. 


Every sunset, when he approached her shores, Bahni would come to meet him.  He would instantly transform into a snake and would swim into Bahni depths.  They would dance side by side every night.  He brought her gold and rubies from his stolen treasures. 


Bahni loves eating seaweed and blue oysters and loves all the gifts Aamir brings her.  Bahni no longer swims alone in the dark Indian Ocean.  Their love is so deep, the oceans are jealous.  

urban decay, sand oner street art los angeles, mascara baby,blonde, mascara, loreal, rimmel, maybelline, betsey johnson

Mascara Baby

Status: Mascara Lover


Age: 18


Horoscope Sign: Gemini


Mascara Baby just loves mascara, boys, cats, lizards, cakes and coffee.  Simple. 




sand oner street art los angeles, easter, bunny, playboy, red hair, balloon, sand one,

Lil Esa

Status: Not a player, she just crushes a lot




Horoscope Sign: Virgo


Lil’ Esa was first seen in 2009 on a collaboration Sand did with the world-renowned clothing line CONART.  She was brought to life in Highland Park, California in 2010 where she was painted on a mural that lived for a year. 


Now Lil’ Esa has made her final and permanent comeback.  This time, she’s here to stay.

sand oner street art los angeles, easter, bunny, playboy, red hair, balloon, sand one,


Status: Hustlin’


Age: 30


Horoscope Sign: Virgo


His game is so smooth.  His hustle is too strong.  He never sleeps, never falls in love and never, ever, wastes time.  He’s always on the go, from one deal to another.


He’s all about his cash, but when he sees Softy, his soft plushy heart begins to secretly tingle.  But he has to keep it gangster.  Softy is too ambitious to settle down with a boss like him, with a lifestyle like his because money doesn’t sleep. 

sand oner street art los angeles, easter, bunny, playboy, red hair, balloon, sand one,

Blue Panda

Status: Growing Bamboo


Age: 25


Horoscope Sign: Sagittarius 


Blue Panda loves growing bamboo in the many plantations he owns in Humboldt, California. He has a blonde mustache and amazing hair that is slicked to the left side – he just changed his look after going through a break up.  


He was in a tumultuous love affair with Stacks.  They were bonded by hard work, money and success but he cheated various times with some disposable toys.  Now Stacks is gone.  She left him and moved on to better things.  He loves Stacks, he just messed up a bit.  He will always be a player with a quick mouth and a manipulative way of getting things done his way. 


Maybe one day Blue Panda and Stacks will come back to each other.  Meanwhile, he will keep stacking, thinking about the day Stacks will forgive him. 

sand oner street art los angeles, easter, bunny, playboy, red hair, balloon, sand one,


Status: Trying to be social


Age: 19


Horoscope Sign: Taurus


Boxy is always ready to fight for what she believes in peacefully, but she’ll throw punches later.  She is a bit anti-social because she has Asperger’s syndrome, a kind of autism, it gets kind of crazy at times. She has a hard time pronouncing the letter S. She’s sweet, loyal, and direct. She does not handle disappointment or disloyalty very well.  If anyone by her side breaks her code of honor, she loses all feelings.  She’s hard because she is so giving and righteous.  When betrayed, she quietly retreats forever.


She carried resentment towards her mother. She always felt as though her mother should have been stronger. She should've not chosen to fall in love with the wrong men her whole life. Boxy's mother was in her prime when she had her. All her mother ever wanted was to give her a real family, a father.


The anger of not having a father to defend her from her abusive stepfather, the constant frustration she felt every time she remembered her stepfather, and how she wished she had the strength to destroy him every time he woke her up at night.


Her mother enrolled her in boxing classes after Boxy’s stepfather punched her, leaving her deaf in her right ear. She doesn’t know exactly why he punched her while her mother was at work, but she will never let a man hit her ever again. Boxy always has her guard up, she never removes the wraps from her hands, just incase she has to throw some punches.  She always wears her favorite Muhammad Ali Adidas boots and rarely combs her hair.


Boxy is her mother’s keeper and protects her always. Her mom is a chef, so she always has boxes laying around the restaurant.  One day, Boxy picked up a small cilantro box, took it home and decided to write all her insecurities, emotions, heartaches, and traumas on a piece of paper and put them inside the small box she found. In her troubled mind, the box was to hold everything that stopped her from moving on in life.  She would make peace with her butt chin, tooth gap, freckles, bushy hair, abnormal height, boobs she never developed, wide hips, long arms, and all her endless insecurities. 


Boxy has learned to deal with her feelings. No one owes her anything. No one has failed her. Her mother is perfect, her stepfather and father she never met had their reasons for their actions. She's nobody's punching bag, or second option.


Now she tells her friends, “Deal with your issues, come to peace with them, and put your feelings in an invisible box.”


From now on, her past will not obstruct her present.


Boxy is a dreamer, with a hard shield, immense drive and a loving heart. All she needs is her mother, her best friend and companion Russell, boxing gloves, oatmeal and almond milk.


She has a huge crush on this bear she recently met, but the way the horoscope is set up, and the stars are aligned Taurus women and Virgo bears are a mess.  Fuck it, she’ll stay single forever unless the horoscope changes.  


sand oner street art los angeles, easter, bunny, playboy, red hair, balloon, sand one,


Status: Single


Age: 29


Horoscope Sign: Pisces


Pride is Teddy P’s younger sister.  She hangs out with all the boys.  She’s a lesbian and always loved to look at girls, especially Bunny. Their summer fling in high school made her loose her marbles and she tattooed bunnies and clouds all over her body. Bunny had to tell her she didn’t really take her serious so Pride became a little colder. She’s a player, but will always have a soft side for that Bunny bitch.


She likes to work out and lift weights. She’s the muscle of all the girls she hangs out with. She does have a girly side and is addicted to manicures, facials, lip gloss, socks and crop tops.


Pride always wears her Chanel combat boots and her head is shaved.  She pierced both her human and teddy bear ear and tattooed her dead mother’s name on her head – Momma Bear.


Pride and Teddy come from a long line of thugs and hustlers. She has been to jail a couple of times for doing donuts and burning tires in her muscle car.  She owns a couple of Mustangs and Camaros and loves anything to do with fixing cars – painting, upholstery, engine swaps, whatever.


She drives little Teddy P around when he’s in town, eating hot dogs, corn dogs, big dippers and Big Gulps from 7-Eleven while he rambles about the hustle game and the girl he loves but can’t have just yet, Softy.


sand oner street art los angeles, easter, bunny, playboy, red hair, balloon, sand one,



Status: Single


Age: 33


Horoscope Sign: Libra


Soft on the outside and the inside, she’s a Hawaiian sweetheart with a sweet tooth. Baking cakes, cooking, and sweet champagne are her weaknesses. 


She deals with a short guy named Teddy, but her ambitions are too large to settle and be with him.  Teddy spoils her with bottomless champagne and warm kisses.  They are in love but Teddy’s lifestyle is something he needs to change if Softy is going to be with him



sand oner street art los angeles, stacks


Status: Single


Age: 25


Horoscope Sign: Virgo


Stacks is a blue haired hustler with pointy diamond bangs and endless ambition. She was raised in Los Angeles, California and adopted at a very tender age by a Mexican family.  It is believed she is of Russian descent, but that’s a mystery.


She adores sushi, borcht, basmati rice, vodka, cherries, cheesecake, and fruity hookah.  She loves her long socks, blue hair dye, Nike Cortez, long red nails, push up bras, and pandas with endless stacks of money.


Her boyfriend was Blue Panda.  He had a blonde mustache and amazing hair that slicked to the left side.  They were in a tumultuous love affair and bonded through hard work, money and success. She has now left him to continue with her dreams.  Maybe one day they will come back to each other.


She has a short temper so don’t bother her with weak feelings and soft stories. She’s only thinking about getting her money right.


sand oner street art los angeles, stacks

Lil Stranger

Status: Walked away


Age: ??


Horoscope Sign: Pieces


Lil’ Stranger is from the East Side of Los Angeles. She’s a chola with red cherry cola hair. She loves oldies, junk food, and cheese burgers. She’s been stuck in bad relationships. She has a huge heart that has been broken many times, yet she knows there’s something out there for her, she just needs to find it. Maybe it’s just not the right timing.


Lil’ Stranger is the only Sand Doll with her eyes closed.


She’s probably dealing with some rough emotions, or she has simply shut her eyes to reality and decided to live her life the way she wants, choosing not to look at all the bullshit that surrounds her.


Close your eyes and ignore everything around you, Lil Stranger. It seems like a mighty long time, but the heart heals, and the mind becomes stronger. Don’t let anyone take your happiness. Walk away from what no longer makes you happy.


You got legs, Lil’ Stranger, use them. 


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