• Sand Oner

Sand Studios from 2014 to 2021

Going through memory lane this afternoon , pondering on my life as a full time painter, doll maker and dreamer. I have spent literally most of my life happily painting what I love the most... MY DOLLS.

I have developed my dolls and created a movement with them. I have found a beautiful life and made so many goals come to life through my art success.

I have met so many people along the way; lots of psychos, broken and dark souls, envious and jealous omens , simply because I was full of dreams and not interested in sad shit.

I don't like to hear depressing stories, and excuses to why we can't do anything with ourselves... I have always found that so boring. Trust me.. I come from the struggle.. I wake up every day and fight my own insecurities .. why hear other sad shit? TO BE MORE SAD? And then what? Quit our dreams?

No... we all have the right to succeed in this life time though our own merits.

Everything has already been done, so do it HOW YOU WANT, flip it and give your craft your own flavor and style.

And you shall succeed

DON'T BE AFRAID, DON'T BE A SHIT TALKER, DON'T DE EVIL...and life will be smooth.

And then.. I have also met beautiful souls that have loved me and always been kind me.

The streets can make your heart cold, I refuse to be cold, but I will cut off anyone