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L.A Street Life

The power that you posses when you come from the streets of raw and rugged Los Angeles California ...

See… I didn’t know that all my life.. To me that was just my city. But now as an adult That has traveled to so many places and has spent time in different countries and states. I think about my life here in these Los Angeles streets and I am so grateful to be from L.A.

So many people travel to Los Angeles with the dream of making it big in the entertainment industry , as a designer, everyone wants to be a a big business mogul here.

And luckily my mother advance me 50% into a position of power by placing me to succeed when she came to America by birthing me in East Los Angeles California. I mean there was a lot of setbacks and things that could’ve gone wrong but I got out. Being an addict was not my thing and just ending up with some random sexy hood guy didn’t end up being appealing to me after all. I thought about being a nurse or an assistant to somebody in the medical field. I wanted to work at Starbucks or at in and out .

There was so many opportunities that I could’ve chosen but I chose to be an artist.

I could have been from any state in the USA, but I ended up in the city of dreams.

When I began to paint .. I didn’t have to travel far or leave my home to go seek my dream of being a painter. All I had to do was leave my bedroom and that little twin bed that I slept in.

So I Put my feelings in a box and rolled out, fearless into a town where I had to introduce myself via my dolls painted on walls.

I would Take the bus to enter downtown Los Angeles and hopped around metro buses with a monthly pass to venture into Hollywood and all little areas in the big city of lost angels to paint my dolls.

I remember when I found Little Tokyo I was so fucking excited, I wanted to try all the sushi restaurants and eat Ramen.

In the streets of Los Angeles you can learn how to survive And triumph. Oh but you can’t be a weak ass, you can’t be sensitive, you must be able to ignore, forgive and keep it moving.

You can’t stay stuck and be all sad about shit . That will be your down fall. Living in the past..

If my mom was able to survive here in this City with nothing... I’m gonna fucking make it big. I’m not leaving the city. I will not let this city break me and push me out.

I love LA. Los Angeles is my city, Btw the code is : VALENTINES

Its vicious... but the hard ones survive.

It’s Full of lost souls, people that never made it and talk all about their failed past with excuses... there’s angry has beens full hatred and envy...

there’s the immigrants searching for their American dream , the rich thriving and the middle class enjoying the fruits of their growth.

The lights and glitter, the nice big body cars and everyone is ruining chasing their dreams.

Traffic is wild but so motivational, it’s a car shoe show on the 101 freeway of all the baddest cars from the ugly and old to the newest and the most Baller cars.I love it !!

There’s people everywhere hustling. It’s so motivational to be in a city that’s always alive.

Opportunities are overflowing and you can be anyone you wish you be in Los Ángeles, You can be normal ,you can be a winner ,you can we weird ,you can be a Baller ,you can be an addict ,you can be a loser or you can just quit and leave ...there’s room for everyone.

I was placed in a position of power to make it happen in the American dream, I will not let my mom and you down.


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1 Comment

James Brown
James Brown
Feb 12, 2021

You go girl


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