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In 2022 Paint & Sip with SAND ONER

I have been thinking of different ways to create my art events where we can actually do what I love doing which is; painting. I want to make it easy for you to paint with me, so you're able to enjoy painting my dolls without having to break your head trying to figure out how to draw exactly like me.

Therefore in my Paint & Sip nights that I am hosting, I advanced you 50% of the hard work. You will receive a print out of the Sand Doll I will introduce that day already printed on your watercolor paper. As we paint and sip, I will guide you step by step into painting your Sand Doll in my watercolor style.

I prefer this method versus to me trying to teach you how to do a doll in one hour, then you're going to have a breakdown/ meltdown and not enjoy your night because you're at the Sand factory drinking and trying to be an art student when you should be having a blast! Chill-axing....

Therefore with me all you will focus on is coloring, Viking, networking and mixing paint.

I don't want you to feel stressed out.

Now I plan to host Paint & Sips once a month in my art gallery. Therefore all you have to do is check my website to see what months and days I have coming up, you buy a ticket, this reserves your entrance, and you make sure to show up the day of for your art lesson ready to paint.

You will receive all the tools you need to paint your doll, 3 complimentary drink tickets, entrance to the private session.

I will see you soon!

See Calendar for upcoming events

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