• Sand Oner

Deception & Jealousy

Deception.. I have felt that with friends, mainly with lovers and at times with myself when things don't go out the way I planned. In this particular art piece that I created; I depict Deception through an incident involving a cellphone.

She's holding her phone or maybe it is her boyfriends phone or a friend's phone... What she saw/ read made her heart almost burst out of her chest.

But what truly happened... I'll leave that up to you. You tell the final story on this one...

When it comes to the doll Jealousy, I want to show a woman that loves her so much, too much. This love has turned her extremely jealous of anyone that casually looks at him she becomes drenched in anger. She's overprotective over her beloved bear.

But then again.. why did she become this way? did her significant other cheat on her?

There's a reason why she's like this, she didn't just become this way. Something happened along the way...

What happen to you?

Deception: the original sketch before she became an official Valentines Edition Doll

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