• Sand Oner

Came to Texas this week

Ok I'm coming to Texas .. the 14-16 . There will be two pop ups. To be honest every time I visit Dallas something unfortunate has happened . Trust me I'm very positive about this time around. I'll keep you updated on what happens.

In 2020 I came to Dallas Texas , my plane landed at 12 AM by the time I reached the car rental place at 1am there was no cars available. I had to call an old friend that sells cars to lend me a car. There was only one issue with this car ; I could not lock the car due to issues of the key not working. I totally forgot about it and locked myself out ,

I had to call my friend Santiago to come break into his own car. I'm giving Dallas one more chance to make it right.

And I will be Visiting Fort Worth Texas. Hopefully I'll see you here

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