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Bomb Ass Jackets

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I did a whole photo shoot for this collection , it was intense being the model myself . It’s a job to suck in your stomach and think “be sexy” look straight ... but I did it.

I’m honored to make you happy with my artwork exist in the many creations I make. I get better and better for you. I always think of what you can use, how can I make useful art that we can take with us in our daily life for the both of us.

I am doing a quick Pre-Sale or the jacket collection, for trusting me before it’s done in giving you a wild deal starting at $290 instead of $500.

This jacket officially releases in March. We will have a release day for pick up of the jackets of Pre-Sold. I hope to see you at the release day ( to be announced).

If you are pre ordering your jacket inside my gallery this weekend (Saturday February 6th) And choosing to pick up in person.

You will be so proud of the jacket you’re buying!! it took me two years to get it done. And honestly last year I finished it , but I just didn’t feel ready to release a beautiful jacket during wild times... so I waited for this year.

Hope to see you this weekend at my gallery, if not .. no worries I’ll be seeing you soon.

The gallery will be open Saturday from 12 PM to 5 PM.

You can visit to see the whole art collection in depth or come see me in person only this Saturday.

Here’s my address so you come this Saturday to my Sand Factory in Los Angeles County

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