• Sand Oner

Shipping Drama

My mom packing her granddaughters proudly 

Doing quality control on my Kimono before shipping it to you 

WATCH VIDEO:  Shipping Drama

Hey I’m human , and my art is shipped by my loved ones . Never will I let strangers in a big Shipping factory touch my dolls. There’s no soul in that..... Therefore it takes a bit longer than AMAZON 2 day or over night shipping to ship my art. So I usually solve any drama collectors encounter with their art orders . Sometimes people that are new to my art become “costumers” ; angry mean and demanding... that’s where I loose it and don’t wish to deal with that person. I like art collectors , it’s art , not clients , consumers or costumers .... it’s feelings we are trading here ... I paint for you, you buy it to keep me going, you receive it and it makes you happy. Once someone is super wild... the bond is broken between artist and collector. For the most part everyone is usually amazing, I like to make the calls myself when I catch miss understandings or orders that were wrong... it melts my heart when I talk to you and hear how much you love me ... Making my art accesible to everyone is intense... we’re strangers. But then again.. not really, were cyber friends that have feelings. Ok so be nice .. any order questions .. hollaaaa at a playa! (213) 373-7185 Refresh your message to get an answer ok.. it’s 3. Of us and 100000.... of you. I’m a small art factory making art for the hustlers of today. Be nice ! Bye by 

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