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The Sand NeverFull Collection is lagging ...

I’m hella lagging but this has to be so prefect! I keep thinking of how it can get better every week. I made some new changes to the NeverFull bag and made more custom parts to it. Like the metals will all have my name so that means I had a metal guy / welder create engraved metal pieces for every purse , look like this below , here’s a photo of what my brain is thinking ....I want every detail to be so intense. 

I wanted to release the bag in March, but since I’m getting so intense in this creation process (laughs) it’s going to be sometime in in the end of May or June.

Thank you for understating it’s art . I can’t let my Collection go until it’s finally painted the way my imagination tells me. I always wanted to make a bag like this one...  but I couldn’t afford to even make a sample .. now that i finally can. I’m making this the dopest bag yet to come.

Thank You for reading 

Sand One 

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