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Why? Here is my logic

Men annoy me... Why?

Weak men...

Why must they have an opinion on an independent woman's life?

I don't bother you. Don't look so bothered when you see a successful, money making, confident, empowered me.

And please stop excusing these men with the famous phrase "Oh, those are not men, those are little boys... " No, these are men, grown men that have lived and know right from wrong yet they chose to move through life with these low dead end ethics.

Don't talk so much...don't move so much.. don't breathe so hard.. don't type so much.. don't be so opinionated .. don't be so emotional when a woman is in a higher position than you .. don't open your mouth to speak down on a woman. Play your position as an honorable man.

Any man ranting and fighting with a woman,trying to prove a point, hitting a woman, cheating, not providing, jobless, and useless with a fucken cheap attitude. These are the Men that annoy me...

To my stepfather and his drunk, broke, cheap, cheating, gambling and insulting ways.

To my father that I never met who walked out on my mother when she told him she was pregnant, expecting a little girl.

Those are the fucken men I cannot stand.

A man should always hold their ground, provide, be the strength that holds a woman and empowers her to rise with him. Not belittle her and break her.

Strong, quiet, reasonable men that provide and care for their women, educate their children and speak with the upmost respect of other women... those men don't annoy me.

Men ..Please don't be annoying 💕



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