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In these cold streets

Los Angeles and 9th street in Down Town Los Angeles

The street hustle

I went into the streets on down town during Los Angeles art walk, it happens every second Thursday of the month.

So I called out all of my amazing art lovers to meet me outside of Weird Beers liquor store in down town and it was lit!!

Everyone came to hug me Kiss me and of course.. To show me their support and love by taking a piece of my imagination.

You can call it what you want, and artist that no one cares about would love to argue this ..

But all artist wish to be loved and to have collectors biting their art.

What is the dream if it's not meant to be appreciated cherished and spread?

How will an artist create if they can't buy paint? Brushes ? Food...

It's a mutual agreement of respect from the viewer to the artist creating masterpieces..

We make you happy, you make us happy.

You cannot say you love an artist and not show them love, it can be through kind words and appraising your admiration, it can be through buying out craft. Or simply through giving us an opportunity to grow in our colorful journey.

By letting us paint your walls visible to he streets.. By feeding us when we are hungry.

By becoming a collector and loving us everyday if your life.

There's levels to the bond I have with my collectors, some have tattoos of my art and nothing else.. And to met that is everything.

In this cold city we live in... I have something all artist long for..

The love of the eyes that see our work. The love of the souls that connect with my art.

If I can't make you feel anything when you see my art.. Then it's pointless...

But I can. I make you all feel so many emotions. I am full of emotions and I am human just like you.. Everything you feel I feel.

I just don't let my womanhood and my feelings take the best of me.

In Los Angeles , you get mad.. You loose.. You get sensitive .. You loose... You get jealous.. You loose

You feel nothing.. And give your feelings to your craft.. And give your love to everyone that loves you... YOU WIN 💕💸

shipping fine art to my private collectors around the world, each box contains a painting.

my first time selling my dream

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