• Sand Oner

I paint dolls

The dolls

I paint dolls because I am a woman, I know what I like to wear ... What I would be like if I could choose to pick a personality, a race a culture a life.

I do dolls to escape my reality.. To dream of lives I would like to have lived.

Each doll I have created represents a part of me. That I tought no one would ever understand.

To my surprise .. Every woman understood my pains my dreams my stories that I have created and the journey that my art has taken me into.

I don't know what's next, every day is always different

My life is so full of color and dolls, in every stage of my life, sadness, heartbreak, happiness, and every feeling you as a human feel .

My dolls have always been there to give me happiness. I can drive crying alone through the city of Los Angeles .. And seeing my dolls brings me joy.

In my world .. It's just me my mother my brother my sister and my chihuahua Russel.

Then everyone that loves my art, that is what makes me happy. Every day when I wake up and look at my emails, messages, when I walk the streets and everyone says hello and tells me how much they love me.. Even if they are meeting me for the fist time.

I am the happiest artist, even when days get gloomy.. My dolls and you reading this give me hope.

I give you hope and you give me hope 💗

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