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The Mommy Series

Sand has created her Mommy Series inspired by single moms and expcting mothers.These will be avaiable to the publiv as pillows next month due to the hight demand and all the love Sand has been receiving due to these new paintings that resonate to the many women around the wrold.


"Growing up with my mother i never knew there was a missing father figure. Older in life i realized how much not having a strong male figure will make a girls heart hard, her drive bigger and her mindset sharp. You can either go and be a victim and cry to everyone, or you can be your own strenght, love your mother and get your grind on as hard as a mand would. I am glad my mother was a hard worker, this made me forever driven and dedicated to my dreams and ambitions. I stand alone with my mother, ambitions, careless of what a man thinks of me, and forever thankful to have been raised by a lovely woman, that did not break at the looks of other men and women for walking proudly with a little girl through the streets of East Los Angeles without a man next to her."

To inquire of having Sand paint you one personally for you , please email us at

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