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Frida Kahlo Im Coyoacán Mexico

I took a trip to my mothers land, Mexico City. While here.. I imagined what it would be if when I was gone and my body no longer walker earth grounds. Would people love me and speak of me as they do of Frida.

After lots of pondering, and ideas. I decided to go with my cousin Sergio ( he's fully Mexican, and the only cousin I can be wild and speak with a potty mouth with)

And we ventured into Coyoacan Mexico, where Frida Kahlo's home is located.

He told me it was impossible to paint a wall there, and a couple of fellow artist friends told me the same.

Well I go against the grain, I don't follow conservative rules and I always happen to make my imagination a reality.

So we find a huge home with a beautiful white wall. I get off my rental car ( Sergio driving like a maniac. He tells me he's a "Pistola" (gun) when it comes to driving. Well I second that after him driving me for a whole week.

I asked the seasoned owner for permission, after a couple of back and forths, he tells me he used to date Kahlo's niece, but he came to America in 1962 and she marries someone else.


I could have asked him for Kahlo's plates or forks or maybe a little painting her did not care for ( yeah right).

So I begin to paint the wall, cigarettes after cigar reyes Sergio and Don Mario smoke and talk about life.. And here and there about how awesome I paint. But mainly about life.

It gets dark, so we agree to come back early the next day.

We returned. Don Mario loves us by now, I finish the wall. And my version on Frida Kahlo is finally home as I imagined when I hopped on that plane to Mexico City to gamble my luck away.

May my name be remembered and all my crazy art life chapters just like her name is today and forever.

Everyone that has made an impact...was not always all there

Crazy for ever




Frida in Coyoacan Mexico

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