• Sand Oner

Mexico City is Home

Mexico City

February 7-11 2016

I found myself in the need of family and simplicity. My days are always busy crazy and wild, and all I do is just paint....

But they are wild! So I decided to go back to basics and eat tacos, hug my elderly grandmother,kiss my cousins that I never see.

And live life the simple way. Took a break from my art life to just be a starving artist, eat tacos, wear the same dusty shoes, comb my hair only once, and walked the streets of Mexico City, gambling my luck away with my cousins , that think I'm a bit coo cool, yet they support my painting adventures. Going against their beliefs and supporting me in my "I only want to be in the streets and never home " ways of living.

I can't never be a stay at home woman, the streets have a melody I cannot ignore.. The cars speeding to get to their destination, soulless bums walking around that once had dreams like me and you.

Dreamers on their way to their dreams . Naive babies that will struggle just like we do in one more decade.

I love painting. So I got lost on my first day, because I did not want to wait for my little cousin to Come back from school to drive me around.

Whatever in the end he took the metro and catched up to me.. Everything was Gucci after that.

I needed to be saved.

So we set out to the unknown and roamed the streets searching for our lucks.

I painted 15 dolls in 4 days.

My dolls have always given me life... When my days are getting gloomy. They always uplift me and give me inspiration.

Sometimes we fight.. And I want to lick them out, but that's because I'm probably about to get my period.

My dolls travel with me, feed me, keep me young and ambitious , they give me everything I dream of.

Here's to my dolls. My Mexican Chilangolandia, El museo del juguete that allowed me to paint their walls.

My cousin Sergio for being my right hand man.

My cousin Jessica for doing hood rat stuff with me and for being my PR In smooth taking people for their walls.

And to my grandmother for having made my mother.. That made me.. And that's why this whole trip to Mexico was possible.

Hooray to living a dream.. And never waking up.. Even if nightmares sneak in.. My imagination is pure and colorful.

We keep it moving .


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