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Why Thailand...


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During my trip to Thailand I ate so much pad Thai , curries and mango sticky rice. That is the main reason why I came to Thailand lol. And to paint of course. When traveling I don't care for luxury.. I want what's real. I want to eat where the locals eat. Well not sleep where they sleep (laughs) but when It comes to food, I seek the most traditional styles. I put many stickers along the way. Visited the Wat Po temple. And prayed to find a wall in Bangkok. After the temple I searched for an amazing wall and found it. Here's to everything I did in Thailand. Wooo Hooo! YOLO... I am young.. And young only comes once... If you are reading this.. Today now.. Right this moment you are alive.. Go make every moment count.. How ? I don't know,That's for you to figure out 💞💞💞 I could have stayed in Los Angeles and cried my recent break up away.. Or I could have made it a memorable adventure. A break up is not the end. Is the end of a chapter that had been prolonged for too long. Now we're back to Chapter number 1💗 can't wait to return to California and paint my heart away. I'm so inspired! Get up get, a ticket.. Work so hard you won't have to worry about spending it all away in memorable trips. See you soon AMERICA! Sand One 💗🍰

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