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I kept hearing about the islands in Thailand. Specially about Pataya,, which is the port to other amazing islands. But I did not feel like taking a long voyage to far lands.. I am already in a far land. So I told my driver to take me to Pataya. Two hours later, a suitcase full of paint,stickers, pillows, swimsuits, A toothbrush my phone chargers and many Thai baths (cash) I end up in Pataya. It was something like Venice beach when I entered the area. My home for the week was in this secluded mountain area, we drive for an hour to find this dreamy home. I entered the place and I felt so happy. I drew so many dolls in my coffee table, sipped on endless bubbly while chewing on jackfruit. Tasted many Indian foods, bottomless rice pilafs. I love rice. Salmons, prawns and garlic could not be enough. Then I received a message of a lovely woman from Liverpool,now living in the island. She asked to meet me, her daughter is an aspiring artist. So I happily agreed. Why not... I love to meet amazing souls along my journeys. You must open your mind, let go and love.. Love and never hate be angry or unhappy. Love, love and meet. So I found myself sipping on champagne while dancing my day away with Ruth,Eduardo and Hermione. Quality London people I tell you. They loved my art as much as I love my art. I am happy I decided to venture into this island. Here's to the Eduardo's and to their little artist Hermione 💗💗

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