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Hes so ugly...Yet So Sweet

As I sat in Tokyo before leaving to Thailand .. I reminisced on my past lovers. Some beautiful, some pathetic. And Some of them were the most amazing lovers I will never forget, problem is... They were not the best looking. Beauty is not always the key to a blessed life. Now I understand this. I learned to see past the skin, and directly into the mind. A mental attraction leads to physical attraction . I have had long nights talking about nothing, those have been the most memorable. I have dated beautiful people..most of them empty and vain. This is to all the lovers we will love in our life time.. To the beautiful souls that we don't glance towards, because we are busy looking for outer beauty. A cookie is so sweet.. Yet so ugly to the naked eye ,brown thick and full of chocolate chunks. It's so ugly yet so sweet.

Heres a preview of my newest doll for this Hot California Summer

Her name; Cookie




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