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Japan Lover


I think the story has changed a bit.. I can't understand if the Japanese blonde likes me, I'm lost in translation. Nonetheless I spend all of last night via video call chatting with the 6'2 ft American. I think he's my Japan lover , he's the memory I will leave behind yet always remember from my Japan dream. It's crazy how you can find someone you have never met so captivating. He's a nomad.. Has lived in Hawaii Thailand and in Japan.. Originally from North Carolina.. Coming from a town called East Los Angeles, not many of my people can imagine roaming Asian alone and meeting amazing people.. The tought alone brings fear to us. I hope to inspire all the women that live my art through my love stories and art travels. There's so much life out in the world we will never see unless we gamble our luck. I have 4 more days in Japan and i am out to explore Thailand.. I don't know what wonders away for me.. All I know is.. I am living.. Uncertain .. I have no expectations other than to eat good. Sleep in amazing hotels and love wonderful men along my travels. Let's see what happens in the next days Xoxo Sand From osaka Japan

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