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Heart Beats Away

I took a trip to Japan ... I think it's a dream we all have .. But not everyone fulfills. I had to.. So I am here in Japan, painting my days away wondering why I chose two weeks .. That's 14 days of my life in a country far from home. I met two guys I can't stop thinking about, they are the inspiration to my trip. One is Japanese, the other is an American living now in Japan. Two complete opposites, yet I am mesmerized. I can't wait to see them both. Every time I travel I meet someone amazing.. They become the inspiration behind all the art creations I produce during my stay. The Japanese guy tells me my blouse is Kawaii 💗 and has invited me to dinner twice, after reading all about Japanese men and the way they court women.. I began to realize. He was 89% complimenting me 😳. The white man, well he's very forward and tall. I understand his mannerism. He's American just like me.. A bit dry in his jokes. But I laugh so much.. His jokes are very well put together, he has prefect pronunciation and perfectly well spoken English. I am laying in a Japanese style floor as I type this.. Its a bamboo matt floor, very traditional. The ceilings are wood. And I can hear the automobiles dashing tru going God knows where. It's 5 o'clock in the morning.. Xoxo Sand Sleepless in Osaka Japan


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