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Sand in Tokyo Japan

Hey hey!!

so i purchased a ticket to japan one day ...a splurge of the moment tupe of day. And now i am in Japan, eating , libing and doing two art exhibits.

Live all you can live now...time never awaits.

heres some photos of me in jAPAN as I prepare for my first art exhibit in Shibuya

at Lil Rie Gallery



Instagram - Kawaii Sushi Killa 🍙

Instagram - Dirty Martini in a Kimono 💗💞Preparing for my art Exhibit in Shibuy

Instagram - Painting... For some reason it makes me so happy...jpg

Instagram - Walking Japan Shibuya 💗💗 walk with me 👻🍥 what do you see 😁 it's

Instagram - Lunch In Shibuya

Instagram - 7 Eleven what happened 😳😭🍙🍙🍙 @ashfoto I'll eat it😎

Instagram - Samurai Inspired😳🍙 I think I can blend in 💞 I always wanted to se

Instagram - My first stop💗🍥 Tokyo Shibuya 💞

Instagram - Chasing this Yen for my momma 💴✈️

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