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Sand x Sand Team at The Bank Sale Tradeshow

This weekend Sand and her Sand Dolls invaded the Bank Sale tradeshow with their colorful bodysuits and girly Sand pillows.

The crowds turned in awe as the curvy Sand Gang walked gracefully throught the aisles of the Bank Sale exhibiting their new body suit collection featuring Sands Favorite Dolls; Stacks, Smooth Hustler, Vampy and Cakes.

Sand fans crowded around the Sand booth to hug their favorite Girl artist.

Thank You to everyone that took home a pillow, socks, art and photos with Sand One.


Sand Team

Instagram - I love my art lovers 😭 an average artist paints a painting a Month.
Instagram - To the women behind my dolls💗 Thank  you for bringing so much confi
Instagram - Bed Suit💗💎🎀
Instagram - The Sand Gang was the Bossiest squad at @thebanksale 💗💸🎀🎱🔫🐻
Instagram - To all the bad females that came to my booth at @thebanksale 💗
Instagram - Sand chik @_destineearnold representing!! #bakesale #sandoner #cakes
Instagram - Sleep over at  the Bank Sale 
Instagram - Sandchikz are  getting fresh at the bank sale @killakylie_ @maioh89

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