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A new doll has arrived to Sand Town

A new doll has joined the Sand Gang, and shes such a babe!!

Meet Bunny White, aka: Bunny Perez.

She always changes her hair color, depending on her moods..It can be fierce.angry,heart broken red or it can be soft,light, peaceful golden brown.

You know that saying.. New hair new you.

Bunny Perez is the epitome of that sexy white girl with an attraction for Latin Bad Boys. Haven’t we all had this issue before? Some of us still have it...regardless of Thugs and Bad Boys are so hot!

Bunny is the newest Sand Chik to join the artist doll collection. She only dates balloon men, its less stressful...once she is bored with them she simply lets them go, its the art of letting go of men that no longer serve a purpose in your heart.

Stay tuned for her Grand Debut in April (Bunny Season)


Sand Team


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