• Sand Oner

Sand at The Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills

In search of a creative and peacefull 70's feel...Sand ventured with her dolls inside the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills California, a hidden hotel in the busy streets of L.A.

In which she painted her imagintion away.

When in search for inspiration...leave your comfort nest and you shall find it.

Instagram - Babe Day:.jpg

Sand with her dolls Cadi and Britt

Instagram - Boss Females Love My Art:.jpg

Britt shooting for Sands new pillows

Instagram - I cooked breakfast for my models 💗 hurry up 😩👻🚓

Sand cooks breakfast

Instagram - Sleeping Time💎🎩with my dolls 💗
Instagram - You can come to my room..jpg
Instagram - Smooth Hustler Canvas 24x24 get it at sandoner.jpg

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