• Sand One

Sand Candles x CA Candle Company

Sand has teamed up with CA Candle Campany to create a collection of hand poured Soy candles featuring 4 of Sands newly created dolls.

Each scent is based on the personality of each doll. Bringing to life the aroma of these cute long eyelashed babes. Wich one is you?

Smooth Hustler's Sangria Just like Smooth Hustler's favorite Sangria this candle starts of with a pile of juicy red raspberries. Lots of sweet red wine poured on top and garnished with a juicy orange.

La Kahlo's Garden Take a walk through La Kahlo's Garden and smell the fresh aroma of roses and lilies. Made By Ca Candle Company

Wolfy's Mimosa Sparkles with the scent of crips dew fruit, mandarin oranges tangerines and sweet berries. Topped off with the sweet smell of champagne.

Capt. Bermuda's Voyage Lite your candle and set sail. Get lost in the scent of the ocean breeze and adventure

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