Murals♥Art Work

A compilation of Sand's artwork from fine art,computer graphics to murals. As well as some of her most colorful memories.


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Sand One In her Sand Factory Private

Sand One Collector

Sand Oner Doll Backpack

Sand Oner Mural

Sand One Koreatown Los Angeles

Sand One Canvas Print

Sandoner Los Angeles Artist


Sandoner Mural

Sandoner Mexico City

Sandoner Custom Watercolor Painting

SandOner Watercolor Painting

Sand oNE Street Art mURAL

Charra Escaramuza Sand oNE painting

Vintage sandoner tuck mural

Sand One Jalisco Mexico


im just a bear

On a Sunday 💕💸💅🏽🙆🏻


Babes 💕

Mechanic Babe🚚

Stacks with Teddy P❄️🍾🐻 Cheating on Blue Panda as usual 🐼 because being faithful is boring 🙆🏻💗

Sanchez ❄️💗 In her new #ScorpionUniform #Army 🇺🇸

Salvi Babe ❄️ #elsalvador #salvadoreanquesadilla

#Watercolor #Babes 💕 4 down 28 more to go 🙆🏻💅🏽 #art #painting #unicorn

La Milagrosa

Every dream we have has been dreamt over and over again 💗

All of my kindness

I'm so lonely 💗🍰

Edith's Market

Sand for Coca-Cola

Miami Middle School

Aspira Middle School

Captain Bermuda #Rolex 💗💸

Authentic Rolex watch customized with a Captain Bermuda doll by LAX Jewelry Co.

King 💗Princess #custom

Stacks Sushi 💸💗

Sand Wallpaper

Sand shot for The L.A Weekly

Lorraine Baby💗💸

You're like a baby octopus

"I'm sorry baby

California Starving Artist 🍷💸💗

California Babes

Hollywood Califoria

Bunny Watercolor

Burger Baby 🍔😳

Los Angeles California Mural for the burger chain Jims Burgers

Fuck A Leva

Watercolor Art 💦 @yesjulz

You always get me in a bad fucken mood 😒😤

Custom Painted Vintage Purse

Genevieve 💗💸💞💫

Custom Canvas


Every time you call 💗 even if our days are spent somewhere else 🍥�


Spread em 💗💦 And she loves to show me off, of courseSmiles every

Thailand newspaper The Bangkok Post

I'm so pretty

Ink Sketch💗

Fine Art


Blow Dry

Mommy Time

She's a bad pussy 🐱

Mobile Art

Light Box Art

Project for the city of Los Angeles


40x40 Wood Painting

The Original Lil Esa 💋 a limited run of 100 prints created in 2010


mural featuring Sands doll Bows

Bunny Perez Mural

Located on the outside walls of ZEN NOHO in North Hollywood

Las Vegas

No Sleep💗💸 #streetart #art

Mural in Las Vegas

Stay Golden

Giant 70 foot long mural

Stay Golden

In Los Angeles you have two choices ✨Fall out and be a victim of the

Custom Louis Vuitton Purse 💗💸 to get yours painted DM me 💗💸 The

Coke Mural

Did I Just....

Wood Painting

Lil Esa 💗💋 #orgullodeser

Coca-Cola Project

When Stacks married Blue Panda somewhere in the depths of #Humboldt

Indoors Mural

At the end of the day 💕🍫 its you all alone with your all your bill

Light Box art featuring Stacks and Green Bear

When I had brown hair 💕💁🏻

30X22 Art work framed

"I know you got to get your hustle onSo I prayI understand the gam

Painted on a metal container

Pussy Cat Babe💕🐱

Delete my number ... He asked why... I replied..jpg

Custom Portrait

Kawaii Sushi Killa Exhibit

Sand in Shibuya Japan during her exhibit inside Lil Rie Cafe

Sand Doll Eyes -Golden Bowl Bar

Tokyo Shibuya, painted in the busiest alley street where all the coolest clubs are located

Kiss Me

A watercolor painitng from Sands Taco Collection created during her stay in Osaka Japan oin 2015

Chicago Lovers

painted for Sands solo exhibit in Chicago Illinois 2015

Chicago Goldie Locks

painted for Sands solo exhibit in Chicago Illinois 2015


Watercolor painting


Part of Sands Doll Collection

Merdmaid water Color Painting

The Stadler Family Canvas

Custom painting size 40x40

KJ Couture Headquarters Painting

Love is Canvas

Private Collector

Mother And Daughter Watercolor

Stacks Canvas Print

Available on Sands Store Now

Captain Bermuda Canvas Print

Available only on Sands store now

Cakes Canvas P[rint

Available now on Sands Store

I Hate White Wine for W Hotel West W

DGK Clothing Mural

East L.A Small Mural

Sand Doll :Stacks Promotion

Model Kristina Lopez

Mobile Art

Korea Town California Mural

Miami Art Collectors

"I hate white wine" was purchased at a private auction benefiting The Ronald Mc Donalds foundation in Miami

Los Angeles Light Box City Project

Le Bebe Cakes:. Miami Florida

W Hotel Westwood

A Year ago I dreamed of painting the W Hotel, in 2014 it became a reality.

W Hotel Executives introducing the new W Hotel Mural:.jpg

"Darling lets have some bubbly..

Inside the W Hotel in West Hollywood Ca.

Purple Princes

Blue Hair Doll

Pinata Stacks

Vampy Print

Louisville Kentucky Mural

The first giant mural in Louisville Kentucky 2014

Ana Maria La Mariachi

Mural sponsored by Mexican Consul and Embassy in Bell Ca.

Ypu Really Tought

Open Your Third Eye

Mobile Mural 2010

Nerdy Alice

Watercolor Painting

Empty Heart

Smooth Hustler Print

Sand in The Bronx New York

Kentucky Babe

Boy Toy

Stef Lova Watercolor

Pizza Ballerina Hollywood Ca.

Sand In Her Los Angeles Studio

Betsy Johnson

Artwork exclusively painted for world renowned designer Betsy Johnson

Mr. Flawless x Sand

Mr.Flawless x Sand

Frida Kahlo Vampire

Mural created in Mexico City 2013

Sand Hand Painted Vintage Purse

Sand Painted Vintage Purse

Danielle Jewelry Logo

Custom Painting

Wood Painting

Just Fuck Me

Little Girl Art

I ate your bird

White Girl Mini Canvas

Water Fighter

Family Portrait

La Marianchi

Never Going To Let You Go

Gangsta Sushi Canvas

Lick It

Will You Marry Me Mural

Levis x Sand

Miami Florida

Its Thin  Line

Sand In San Francisco

Sand One Koreatown Los Angeles